Applying for Childcare

Applying for Childcare

Applying for Childcare

When applying for our services at All About Me Childcare Center, you can rest assured that daycare diversity is one our key educational strategies. We emphasize that children need to learn to appreciate and be sensitive to people of different cultures, ethnicities, genders, disabilities, ages, and socio-economic levels.

Creative learning is also an important teaching approach at All About Me. Through this process, children gain knowledge and abilities using innovative techniques, such as generating original ideas, stories, solutions, and images instead of just trying to memorize information that’s fed to them by a teacher. The following are some common teaching methods that employ creative learning.

  • • Storytelling – Making information interesting; e.g., asking learners to tell a fictional story that illustrates the solution to a problem
  • • Improvisation – Using games and exercises designed to encourage children to create something spontaneously without preparation.

We also emphasize the importance of learning by seeing.  In this approach, children are instructed and learn by reading or seeing pictures, and thus come to understand and remember information and ideas through their sense of sight. Our skilled educators help learners to picture what they’re learning in their heads, using methods that are mainly visual.

In addition, we have sanitary, hands-on classrooms that promote creativity in our learners. Hands-on learning is a form of instruction where children learn by doing. Rather than just listening to a teacher talk about a subject, students engage with the subject matter to solve a problem or produce something new and original.

Our highly creative and informed staff is able to take on children with different skill sets, as they have the training and experience to understand that learning styles differ from child to child and that no two children are alike. We are versatile and flexible and adjust our teaching approaches to meet each child’s individual needs and desires.

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