“All About Me Child Care Center’s mission is to provide childcare services to families within Onondaga County. There is an emphasis on families who come from vulnerable socioeconomic communities who utilize economic services through various subsidies. We believe in fresh starts and new beginnings for our families and we want to aid in alleviating the burden or searching for safe affordable childcare”.

All About Me Childcare Center is a community-based service that offers an inclusive environment where children can learn and grow in their sensitivity to others of different backgrounds and lifestyles. Diversity in childcare gives both children and families the opportunity to celebrate variations in culture, gender, disabilities, age, and socio-economic status. Children at the Center are encouraged to treat one another as individuals and to respect people from a wide range of religions and ways of life. We offer all toys and activities to all children regardless of gender and developmental needs, and provide positive role modeling through toys, games, imaginary play, books, posters, and other items that promote non-stereotyped images.

At All About Me, family involvement in the child’s journey is also a key aspect of our program. We emphasize bonding between daycare and family in the belief that the parents or guardians are just as important as the children, so primary caregivers are constantly informed about students’ progress and kept up to date on other important topics related to the Center and its activities. Along with helping children, helping parents is equally important to us, so we work to alleviate parents’ financial concerns by offering safe affordable childcare to people of all economic backgrounds.

Our overall goal is for children to achieve a better future and to extend love and care to all, no matter what their cultural or economic circumstances may be. To this end, we provide children with an open, inclusive and diverse early educational environment that celebrates all people and aims to inspire a passion for lifelong learning. By broadening their knowledge of various cultures and lifestyles, children learn about the many ways in which human beings live and interact, and thus develop enhanced skills for communication and etiquette across cultures. Building strong connections and providing community support for different ways of living assists families and teaches children respect for all.



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